Verphy Kudi (@VeeeLdn), 18, originally from London, was in Brighton when her daughter was found dead In her flat.

(Vee Kudi, 18, with her daughter Asiah Kudi, 20 months)

After forensic investigation it was concluded that her 20 MONTH OLD baby had died due to neglect.

On December 11th 2019 Asiah was rushed to hospital where she was confirmed dead soon after arriving. However we know now that she had already died in the house before emergency services arrived.

Verphy Kudi had left her daughter on the day of her 18th birthday (5th December) and did not return until the 11th December 2019. where the baby had already died of neglect.

It is now October 2020.

If someone kills there own child, you would kind of expect them to go off the map. You know. reflect on their actions, maybe?

Vee carried on portraying a normal life on social media, showing no acknowledgement or remorse, she even kept her late babies picture as her header on twitter, as you can see from the screenshot from today (19/10/2020) she has been active on twitter up until this point in time retweeting a tweet from just 6 days ago.

Vee also Decided to launch her YouTube channel on the 19th May 2020 explaining in a tweet 'After long time of thinking she has finally decided to start a youtube'' she also says in the tweet that "Life's chucked many experiences at me... But hopefully along the way I'll be able to encourage some & make you laugh..."

She then posted her first video... which I will enter a snippet of below. Bare in mind this was all after her Childs tragic death.

I don't even want to speak on the type of vibes I get from this video, and I don't even need to add the title for you all to see it was clearly a story-time about her date with a man. The type of video that gets views in our day and age. So she clearly cared about clout.

Pretty Little thing & her continued twitter posts.

Pretty Little thing has recently been looking for models through their hashtag EveryBODYinPLT.

Yes. you guessed it. on the 16/10/2020 Miss Kudi made a confident twitter post applying to be a part of the PLT selected models.

This didn't make sense, Did she think her life could ever be the same after such a heinous crime? All this time, she was thinking about her own future, after destroying the future of her daughter?

Last of all I just want to show you these in relation with how this behaviour didn't even surprise me. We are now seeing the psychological affects of social media and how it is literally making people forget their reality and live in a image. She was constantly portraying a 'Babygirl' type of lifestyle on her twitter e.g, going for cocktails, uploading pictures, making jokes and even applying for the PLT competition, with her online friends remaining none-the-wiser.

She was charged with killing her daughter through neglect after Asiah's death.

RIP Asiah Kudi, A beautiful little baby girl who deserved so much better in this world.

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By Shiroe Zita.

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