Swahili Lamb Biriyani

Biriyani is one of my favorite dishes to eat when I go to the coast of Kenya, I always thought it was a complex dish, but actually tonight I managed to whip it up with the spices in my kitchen, so yeah it was a nice little accomplishment.

This isn’t 100% traditional or anything so you can adjust the recipe to your liking.


400g Lamb chops

2 cups of Basmati rice

For Lamb marinade:

(I left my Lamb to marinade in the fridge overnight)

- Cardamon powder

- Homemade green chilli paste

- Ginger powder

- Fresh Ginger

- Fresh Garlic

- Sumac

- Turmeric

- Cumin powder

- Everyday seasoning

- Mala (Natural yogurt)

Next, Get a big pot and add the following:

- Vegetable oil/ or Ghee

- 1 Onion chopped

- 3 Garlic Cloves

- Fresh grated ginger

- Cardamon Pods

- Cloves

- Cinnamon

- Bay Leaves

- Chopped peppers

- Coriander

- Celery (optional)

leave on a medium heat until onions are golden brown and add preferred spices ( i used Cayenne Pepper, cumin & everyday seasoning) and then add your Lamb meat.

Par boil (half cook) your Basmati rice then add to the lamb, so that it finishes cooking in the Lamb juices.

And there you go :) Nostalgic Lamb Biriyani 🤤

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