Justice 4 Blessing Olusegun

This is something that has been on my mind. It's just incredibly unsettling to me.

Before we get into the article, please donate to the Go fund me Link below that I will drop once again. Helping the family of Blessing in their arrangements for her burial.

Share the link with your family and friends to also help raise awareness to show Rother District the importance of available CCTV cameras at Glyne Gap Beach and in all local areas under Rother District council - the local council of Bexhill-on-Sea.


Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun was only 21 years old when she was found dead on Glyne Gap Beach located in Bexhill-on-Sea at 7:30am on Friday 18th September 2020.

It is now the 16th October 2020. and absolutely no major/ follow up information has been released by ANY major news reporters. Not to be biased. But why does there always need to be massive exposure and marches in order for cases involving black people to be properly handled?

Blessing who is originally from Eltham, South East London was at Bexhill-on-Sea working on placement work as a Live-in caregiver for the elderly who suffer from dementia and other mental and physical health issues for 1 week.

1 week. She was in Bexhill-On-Sea. 1 week.

So what happened?

Blessing was found on the 18th September by Sussex Police at 6:20am, she was found by a member of the public.

A post mortem took place on the 24th September where autopsy results have been concluded as inconclusive by the police.

This also means that the circumstamces in which she was found has not striked as suspicious to the police, but instead remains unexplained by investigators at this point in time.

CCTV shows her walking towards the beach around 1am but not what happened next.

During this time Blessing was speaking on the phone to her boyfriend and a close friend and told them to stay on the line. However this didn't happen as she instead messaged them to say "never mind".

1:25am was the last time anyone had heard from her.

Further forensic tests are being carried out in order for the cause of death to be established. Police enquiries are continuing in liaison with the Coroners Officer

"She went for a walk & was not heard from. She was then found dead under mysterious circumstances! The police aren't doing enough to find out what happened to her! Please spread!"

Christiana Sofolab, one of the campaign organisers for JusticeForBlessing believe that the circumstances of how Blessing has died, and how the investigation has been handled so far is suspicious. Problems with the lack of CCTV footage in the area and how their importance towards the publics safety has not been fulfilled by the local council.

Christina says :

"The police said out of all the 10 CCTV cameras in the area, only one shady camera shot shows blessing walking. We don't know how she got on to the beach."


The fundraising campaign that was launched by Blessing's family has raised over £7000 so far. With a target of £20,000.

"We can't allow our beautiful black African women to die in vain. We would like to thank everyone in advance, for helping us fund this campaign."

The aim of the GoFundMe is to help change the system so CCTV cameras can be made available to cover the beach and other local areas to help police with their investigations.

"We also want the world to come together to help us find out what happened to our Blessing. We want to find out how she died."

Her family and her community needs to know what happened... It is still early stages and so we are all waiting on more information, however this death cannot, and will not remain a mystery as everything that happens in darkness always comes to light.

RIP Blessing. My wholehearted condolences to her family and friends.


By Shiroe Zita

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