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To be honest there is nothing more to say than if you do not know about these Female MC's, Then its either where have you been or your welcome...

All these artists are in their own lane and paving the way for different styles of UK female Drill/Trap and Rap. They are showing us diversity we have never seen before.

"The future of female Mc'ing in the UK... yeah? Are you seeing this Lineup? History in the making. "

Enjoy the blog.


Shaybo aka Queen Of the South has been coming with consistent visuals, monstrous freestyles, and non stop bars since she dropped the visuals for her single 'Anger' In February 2020.

Since then she has undertaken multiple projects in 2020, such as her Daily Duppy that premiered in August 2020 on 'GRM Daily', As well as dropping a collaboration with the one and only Snap Capone in 'Come for Shay' which is also on GRM Daily.

As Shaybo says she is 'The Queen of Rap, The Queen of Drill, The Queen of This, The Queen of that' . And I have No doubt that Shaybo is due to be one of the biggest influencers in the future of the UK Rap game.


Teezandos, aka the Princess of Drill, has brought us heavy wordplay and absolutely no games this whole 2020. The young drill rapper from Hackney, East London has been releasing fire freestyles all year. My favourite being her Voice of the Streets above. However, Tee had a lot to get off her chest on her 'HB freestyle' that dropped 6 months ago which if you don't check out now you deh craze.

Collaborating with other GB Record musicians, such as Isong on her 'Mad About Bars freestyle', who also featured on her single 'Diamonds'. Zee has shown how versatile and light drill can be despite her original dark approach to her music.

Holding her side down on the 'Part popper Remix' together with Zone 2's Trizzac and Karma, TeeZandos has gassed us all with her passion for drill music which resonates in both her individual tracks as well as her collaborations. She said 16 she decided to stand out. and that's exactly what she has done this year.


One word. Cold. Cold like her Grill from (IG:@treasureiceboxjewellers) - cheeky shoutout.

Baby Elz is a unique sound and someone to not sleep on. Her flows are a beautiful cross between drill and rap and she makes sure that we are taken on a story with her when we listen to her music If you didn't already know this. Don't worry, I gotchu. Take a listen to Pending. Been in my ears for a hot sec.

She has polished and eloquent flows, The confidence that she brings to the beat has her Sounding like she's been in the Rap game for decades with small an old school flare to the way to executes her music. She isn't running out of bars anytime soon.

Baby Elz is a silent killer for sure, creeping up on her prey slow and steady she proves this to us with her smooth entrance into her Westwood Crib session alongside Teezandos and Reemuni.

These young Drill artists are breaths of fresh air. literally. Baby Elz doesn't hesitate once throughout her part of the session. Natural holder of the Mic.

(Session Below)


Little Simz has been on my playlist ever since I randomly heard Dead Body on a playlist shuffle when I was in first year of Sixth form, which brought me to her 2015 Album 'A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons', her personification of British Neo-soul and Rap comes together so eloquently to create musical masterpieces... Everytime.

If you haven't heard either Backseat or VENOM on Colours Youtube. Your welcome.

Releasing her new EP 'Drop 6' in May 2020 and performing at live shows after the end of lockdown, as well as new tour dates released for Summer next year. You can just tell Little Simz doesn't play about when it comes to music.

Little Simz tells NME magazine about her plans to start a four episode radio show called 101 FM to expose underrated sounds.

'people expect black people to have all the answers'

click for article


From her sickeningly good freestyles on the gram (@OfficialPocaa) to her live performances. Official Pocaa is a female Drill Queen that has come to snatch everyone and their mums edges out.

We are waiting for the fresh sounds that Pocaa is going to bring to the scene, making herself comfy in the drill scene with her second single 'Tark too much'. Official Pocaas pre-meditated flows are just as ear-catching as her freestyles. A local MC that is soon blowing to be a rising star. I hope you're watching the elevation because I definitely am! One to watch for real!


Nadia Rose has the vocals, the lyrics, the personality and the look to back it, she's basically the whole package.

She stays humble and stays giving us top quality music, with her recent single 'Higher' showing off her vocals, A big big Vibe for our headtops.

She a true blueprint of what it means to be Black British, she made people like me proud to be Black and Bisexual. We grew up with Nadia and we continue to. 'Nuh, nuh, nuh' PERIOD!


One of the freshest sounds to come out of 2020 Female Rap. Ivorian Doll captures hearts and turns heads with her flamboyant approach to drill and rap music.

Debuting her first solo single named 'Rumours' in April 2020 this has been quite a year for this rising star.

& If you haven’t already heard EDNA by Headie One yet, just know she bagged a feature where she came to impress with a sickening flow in “F U Pay Me”. Her work rate is nothing but consistent, she is due to pave the way for young people who want to be part of the culture. an embodiment of true self belief.

Ivorian Dolls new Rap career seems to be already causing havoc in the scene, with her Daily Duppy on GRM Daily reaching 1 Mill views , 2 diss tracks and 1 parody clip by 'sidemanallday' as a reply to her Digs.

Her unreleased song Big Bad IVD, a sample of P.I.M.P takes us back to fresh 50 Cent days, she's showing the game that she might be new, but she didn't come to play games.


I can't lie Miss Lafamilia has been hard from the moment she entered the scene, representing Birmingham, Miss La familia is that Bad and Boujie rider that we all need.

She begs no one and her talent and lyricism and humility is going to get her places, without a doubt.

La familia says she can't she bought for a feature, money doesn't run her, there has to be something deeper. Which explains the chemistry between both her and Shaybos word play in their hit single 'Bonjour Cava' where both MC's managed to intertwine their mothertongue into their verses.

Say what you like. She's putting Female UK Rap on the map.


2 words to describe this Ghanaian Queen. And that is, STRAIGHT FLOWS.

Br3yna doesn't stop, and won't stop because she's creeping up the ladder surely.

Jumping on the Gangsta Remix with Ms Banks and she held her verse down solid. Big props for the growth we have seen in Br3ynas music, the creativity of her words and delivery is absolutely storytelling.

Her new single 'Bezerk' featuring Ivorian Doll is now out also: click this for video

Lavida Loca

Lavida Loca first caught my eye on her Voice Of The Streets Freestyle W/ Kenny Allstar on 1Xtra in December 2019.

After this she released a HB freestyle for Link Up TV. Just further showing us how much of a a talented lyricist LaVida Loca is with punchlines for days.

We all love a rapper that can also back her chat. and in Lavida Locas 2020 EP '2 Sides' she orchestrates her music and life journey showing how versatile she can be in terms of both rap style and music style.

Better check out her new single that dropped tonight: Big Boy Stuntin! ...got the Big boy something Tryna make dough NO DUMPLING. PERIOD.

The future of female Mc'ing in the UK... yeah? Are you seeing this Lineup? History in the making.

By Shiroe Zita


SC- shiroe.talks


Twitter- shiroe.talks

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