Fully loaded Homemade Nachos with Black Beans.



Preheat the oven to 200 degrees

For the Tortilla Chips:

- Tortilla wraps

- Vegetable oil

- Mongomery Jack cheese, Red Leicester cheese & Mature Chedder Cheese.

- Sour Cream

Red Bean topping:

- Red Kidney Beans (half drained)

- 2x Fresh Garlic cloves

- 1tea spoon Lemon juice

- 1x Red onion

- 5g Fresh Ginger

- tbsp Coriander Paste (or fresh)

- Everyday seasoning

- Beef Masala seasoning or 1x beef chilli cube

- chopped chillis (Jalepenos)

Red Tomato Salsa:

-6x Tomatoes (Chopped)

-1x Green Pepper (chopped)

-Jalepenos or Green chillis


-Salt & Pepper

-Sriracha sauce (for taste)


-4 Avacados

-Salt & Pepper



-1 lime

Tortilla Chips

- Put Tortillas individually inside the oven for 7minutes and remove

- Slice your tortilla, and cut it into triangular shapes like so:

Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil and fry for only a few seconds until they are crispened to your preference.

Red bean topping:

Fry Onions, Garlic and Ginger together, add your seasonings, Coriander, and chillis and fry for 2minutes after adding your beans in bit by bit so it soaks up the flavour from the spices until it creates it tastes to your satisfaction.

Start to layer your Tortillas, add your Red Bean topping first and top with Cheese and do this until you have three completed layers with a thick cheese layer of your combined cheese on top.

Put in the oven for 20minutes, at 200 Degrees, until the cheese is melted to your preference.

Chop up all your ingredients for Salsa, and combine in either a bowl or put ingredients inside a food processor and mix until it is of a satisfactory consistency.

Mash your Avocados, and add all ingredients to taste, make sure you sprinkle the mix with Lime juice to slow down the avocados Blackening process.

Once that is all done add your Sour Cream to your Nacho dipping sauces.

and there you go:) Homemade Nachos

Shiroe Zita.

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