A lil Poem 4 the Self Healers

Lets talk about pain,

How we hide our pain,

How we meet new people and we are not even aware of their pain and vice versa,

When in some situations we think "what if that person knew what I have been through, would they still have done what they did?"

If I just opened up, would they have still acted a certain way?

But then that's just not genuine. Ahlie?

Because pain, who wants to relive or trigger pain... right?

Who would purposely want you to feel pain?

If we walked around with charters on our bodies, telling people the level of pain we hold,

Then maybe keeping these friendships and relationships would be easier,

If we carried our pain on our sleeves,

Maybe people would know why a certain thing they said just came across as utter bullshit,

They would understand why we don't believe some things, they would understand the crippling paranoia,

If only people knew, But the reality is that they don't.

They don't care, But honestly, Do I even care sometimes?

Even if we are driven to communicate, their understanding is a different ballgame,

If they do not understand you, your pain may become a Joke,

So you keep it inside, you keep the abuse book closed,

You become heartless, your pain forms in lack of trust and anger,

you're 'heartlessness' shows your pain,

your pain becomes trend,

instead of... healed.

Your pain didn't break you though,

you see how you got through that by yourself?

your a self healer,

Not a pain dealer,

You reach internal places that a lot of people crumble at the sight of,

Fuck pain, you strong.

Have a great day my Bflies.

By Shiroe Zita

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