Are You Blinded By The Socials?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

There are three types of people in this world... Wait no. Make that four.

The people who don't care for social media, the people consumed by social media, people who benefit from social media and the people in DENIAL of their bondage with social media.

Listen this is going to be short and sweet as I am just letting off a bit of steam.

Its perfectly fine to be someones supporter, or fan, but I've come across too many of my peers who slowly & subtly begin to idolise a lifestyle that they do not have. & instead of elevating themselves to achieve this lifestyle... they become ungrateful, entitled, some begin to look down on their current friendships, and basically become clout chasers.

& can't lie, the last time I checked. We all shit the same shit, so whenever I see a Batty licker, I just think ew. Faeces.
And I don't know about you but my mum did not spend 9months being pregnant and day of labour for me to be begging her age mates daughter or son.

So don't let your entitlement embarrass you.

Anyways that was for the Beggars and Clout chasers with no individuality of flare, who are STILL thinking like the Crabs stuck at the bottom of the bucket. Whew. What a mental gutter.


Onto the next section of the blog...

Have you been made to feel guilty because you didn't interact with someone online on THEIR terms?

For things such as:

  • Not Adding them back straight away

  • Not Replying to their messages straight away, or giving them late replies

  • Not Picking up their call/ Not calling them back

If there is no emergency behind this interaction then they have the right to get back to you whenever they would like. On their terms, not yours.

if you are someone who measures their friendships in terms of level of social /online interaction... then YOU my friend are consumed by social media.

There are many reasons why someone wouldn't want any social interaction at a point in time. So do not make an assumptions on your peer because of decreased online interactions,

Some of these same people like to act like their woke, like social media doesn't effect them...

...When the reality is that social media affects everyone and their mums, and some people do not realise when they are starting to get consumed. When it starts to become their reality.

I'm going to give you lot a few scenarios where some may think this is a reason to label an introvert as 'fake' because they are usually not easy to contact.


People who do not like social media tend to take frequent breaks, or may decide to not open messages, not answer phone calls.

Like Sai So said 'Its my phone I can do what I like' You are definitely are not paying for your age mates contract. So do not expect them to reply on YOUR terms, even if you were paying. You did not birth them. They do not owe you anything.

Your friend does not have to pick up the phone call if they know you as someone who talks about yourself and your problems, if you are a self consumed type of friend. You better recognise this & start asking your people how they are doing.

If your peer wants to delete their social media... it is not a reason to become hostile towards them. The world does not revolve around you. Your peer could be going through some real life shit.

If you and certain peers do not interact on social media... and they decide to no longer be your 'social media' friend... this doesn't mean that your real life friendship is over. If you see that as a sign of a burning bridge, then it just means you get validation from social media.

(However do not let people gaslight you, if they are also acting hostile in person. Burn that bridge right back chile)

If you are just online friends, and all you do is view each other stories/ read each other tweets with NO interaction. Then there really is no reason to have each other on socials is there? you have no right to move mad If you end up deleted. Its embarrassing,

If your friend is starting a business venture, or any type of venture, and you see the posts, and you do not bother to share,.. but instead you go out of your way to share celebrity pages and influencer ventures, Then its not healthy for your people to interact with someone like you, because you follow popularity.

If you feel that you are entitled to a reply from someone who you do not even have a personal number for... then you my friend are consumed by social media, you have overestimated your relationship with someone who you do not even know like that.

If you think you know someone personally because you have had them on social media for a long time... I assure you, you do not. & they owe you nothing.

This false sense of entitlement, for communication, for validation, it's all... embarrassing.

Check yourself before you Wreck yourself.

And if this is you, hop off the socials and take a look at real life... I promise you its better in 3D. I promise you in real life people have flaws that are accepted. I promise you, in real life people are independent and full of initiative. Not Bandwagons,

That fantasy, image BS won't find you any peace.

By Shiroe Zita

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